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FoTC Water Quality Monitoring - Summary Report, 2004 - 2007 (.pdf 2.8MB) May 12, 2010

Check out the
“Testing the Waters with Friends of Temescal Creek” flyer
This flyer was produced by the Watershed Project for the Friends Of Temescal Creek and funded by the Watershed Program Of The Calfed Bay-Delta Program.

Also of interest the "Temescal Creek Design Guidelines" (.pdf - 4.8MB) July 15, 2000
The purpose of the document is to provide information to support advanced planning for a coherent landscape amenity along Temescal Creek.



The Friends of Temescal Creek (FoTC) is a community organization of Temescal Creek Watershed citizens, businesses and supporting organizations. After several years of informal events, FoTC started with a Temescal Creek Watershed Tour in April 1997. Representatives of groups, governments, and business spent a day in thoughtful contemplation and discussion of nature, local development issues and people from the headwaters to the delta of the watershed.

Our ideal is to see Temescal Creek restored as a natural watercourse through the urban landscape, providing a recreational and wildlife corridor from the hills to the bay. Our long range plan is to work toward a guided urban trail along the Temescal Creek corridor, with pieces of the natural riparian landscape being added to the whole as the community support develops, and as financial opportunities arise. We have produced the "Temescal Creek Corridor In Emeryville, Design Guidelines" for greenway development within the City of Emeryville. You can view the "Follow the Creek" poster series about Temescal Creek, located where the creek crosses under Telegraph Avenue at 51st Street in Oakland. Also, we have collaborated with neighbors of the new post office at 4900 Shattuck Avenue to create "Postmark Temescal, A Community Commemoration Site," a comfortable gathering spot featuring a wrought iron watershed map, mosaic creek with text and neighborhood map bench showing the creek course beneath the site.

There is growing citizen interest in creeks in Oakland and Emeryville, and throughout the Bay Area and beyond. The City of Oakland has adopted legislation, "The Creek Protection Ordinance" (.pdf) to protect and enhance cr! eeks and clean up water flowing into the bay. Millions of dol lars are being invested in development and construction along the creek. FoTC is working to shape these resources and foster other resources into a green, accessible watershed for our community.
Get involved!
Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring
We are developing a monthly schedule to do base line chemical water quality testing at several points in the watershed, and a quarterly series of e-coli tests, to continue our current work. Email Joan-Marie Wood to get involved.

FOTC needs the following volunteers:
  • An Administrative Coordinator to keep up with correspondence
  • Posting and delivering notices !
  • Grant writer, including grants / seeking funding to create a paid watershed coordinator position
Or, check the Activities section and volunteer for a project that interests you. Please e-mail FoTC if you are interested in any of the above activities.
  Contact Info

Bruce Douglas, President

FoTC, c/o ENVST, Merritt College
12500 Campus Dr.
Oakland, CA 94619
(510) 434-3840 (phone)
(510) 434-3841 (fax)


FoTC has no formal membership.
Join our listserv to receive current news about FoTC activities.
FoTC is a community group (without non-profit status).
Donations are welcome.


A Brook in the City
by Robert Frost
The farmhouse lingers, though averse to square
With the new city street it has to wear
A number in. But what about the brook
That held the house as in an elbow crook?
I ask as one who knew the brook, its strength
And impulse, having dipped a finger length
A flower to try its currents where they crossed.
The meadow grass could be cemen! ted down
The apple trees be sent to hearth-stone flame.
Its water wood to serve a brook in the same?
How else dispose of an immortal force
No longer needed? Staunch it at its source
With cinder loads dumped down? The brook was thrown
Deep in a sewer dungeon under stone
In fetid darkness still to live and run–
And all for nothing it had ever done
Except forget to go in fear perhaps.
No one would know except for ancient maps
That such a brook ran water. But I wonder
If from its being kept forever under
That thoughts may not have risen that so keep
This new-built city from both work and sleep.
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