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Temescal Creek watershed
supporters and stakeholders:

"The water. it can't be hurt. The white people go to the river and turn it into dry land. The water says. 'I! don't care. I am water. You can use me all you wish. I am always the same. I can't be used up. Use me. I am water. You can't hurt me.' The white people use the water of sacred springs in their houses. The water says, 'That is all right. You can use me but you can't overcome me.' All that is water says this. 'Wherever you put me I'll be in my home. I am awfully smart. Lead me out of my springs, lead me from my rivers, but I came from the ocean and I shall go back into the ocean. You can dig a ditch and put me in it. but I go only so far and I am out of sight. I am awfully smart. When I am out of sight I am on my way home.'"

Told by a Wintu woman to ethnographer
Dorothy Demetrocopoulou in 1930.
From "World View of California Indians," p. 210

Alameda Countywide Clean Water Program
Alameda County Flood Con trol District
ABAG/Bay Trail
Aquatic Outreach Institute
Bay Area Citizens for Creek Restoration
City of Emeryville
City of Oakland, Public Works Agency, Watershed Improvement Program
Citizens for East Shore Parks
Claremont Canyon Conservancy
DMV Neighbors Association
East Bay Regional Park District
East Bay Water! shed Center
Friends of the San Francisco Estuary
CALFED Watershed Program
California Trails and Greenways Foundation
Chabot Canyon Conservancy
College Preparatory School
Merritt College Environmental Center
Montclair Presbyterian Church
Muwekma Ohlone Indian Tribe
North Hills Phoenix AssociationRockridge Commun ity Planning Council
Sacred Sites International
San Francisco Foundation/SF Bay Fund
Shared Ground
St. John's Episcopal Church
Strong Foundation for Environmental Values
Temescal Neighbors Together
Temescal Merchants Association
Urban Creeks Council
Vicente Canyon Neighborhood Association (.pdf)
Water Resources Center Archive (WRCA)

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