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FoTC Newsletter
February 26, 2000

FoTC meeting Wednesday, March 15, 7pm. Temescal Library

Greenway Plan for Emeryville

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The report is ready for review. Come to Temescal Library community room, Telegraph Ave. at Claremont Ave. to see the report, and purchase a copy. $ 15 in color or $ 5 for black and white. Report outlines the basic features and contacts for turning Temescal Creek into a vibrant urban green corridor. You can peruse the Report at the Temescal, Golden Gate or Montclair branch libraries Robin Freeman and Bruce Douglas have compiled the report from many interviews, meetings, and community input discussions. Emeryville city staff wishes to include the report in the final development plan for Emeryville's new Towne Center development. The report suggests it be used as a basis for creating a special greenway zone along the creek corridor to codify the community's desire for a beautiful creek amenity.

Should we elect officers and form a steering committee?

The meeting agenda will cover the items in this newsletter as well as beginning the discussion of our future as a membership organization with a steering committee and elected officers, etc. If you have any agenda items you would like included, either call Bruce at 655-0341 or bring them to the meeting.

Greenway Corridor between Telegraph Ave. and College Ave.; Temescal-Rockridge Greenbelt Planning Moves Ahead

Neighbors gathered January 10, at Peralta School to see what MIG Architects drew up using all the community input to date. Beginning on March 1st and through March 20th (possibly a few days more) the full-size drawings of the Master Plan will be on display at the Rockridge and Temescal Branch Libraries. We discussed the many excellent ideas for the Greenbelt, and how to prioritize them, to fit into the budget. Focusing on opening up the Clifton Street to Hardy Park block of the creek was a priority, and play facilities for all age kids, emphasizing young ones was another priority. Although the dog park in Hardy Park is not part of the scope of these improvements, there is strong will to use other money to improve the dog park at the same time. Any new meeting dates will be announced in the Rockridge News, and on the website, www.rockridge.org. To be on the mailing list, please contact Janet Hansen at 510-238-4719.

Proposition 12 And 13 Will Help Creeks. Vote YES on Prop 12 and 13 on March 7

These are Bond measures, not taxes, which will allow people to invest in creeks, parks and environmentally positive water supply planning. Prop 12 is the first park bond measure in over 12 years and is crucial to maintaining quality of life for our growing population. Friends of Temescal Creek urges you to vote for these state bond measures which fund Parks, Trails and Greenways, Creek Restoration, Clean Water Programs, and Urban Youth Conservation Programs. Our neighborhood natural feature, Temescal Creek can benefit from all of these plans. This could be money to build upon Oakland's $400,000 investment in the Temescal-Rockridge Greenbelt which is currently being designed. These propositions are not new taxes. They are the first state investment in parks in 12 years. This is an excellent investment in our neighborhood, with $4.6 million coming to Oakland, plus available grants from the state for specific projects.

Creek Markers for Telegraph Avenue

Jeff Norman and Beth Craven have produced 10 beautiful marker signs about the creek and its history. The design builds on the aesthetic of the successful Temescal Neighborhood History Project, and uses designs created by local youth. Printing is imminent. We are working out a prominent display location atop the buried creek at Telegraph Avenue.

Watershed and fire convention beginning

FoTC is collaborating with Merritt College and our local Resource Conservation District on creating a forum for awareness and discussion of vegetation management along the Urban-Wildlands interface in the hills. We want to help inform and facilitate inclusive watershed- based plans for safe neighborhoods, natural parks, rich habitats and clean bay water. Impacts on the creek in the upper watershed Concerned residents of the Old Tunnel Road (Caldecott Tunnel) area of Temescal Creek's watershed have called about planned house construction on steep slopes close to the creek bed, and about clear cutting of Eucalyptus and road building also on very steep slopes. Oakland city staff is aware of these projects too. Would you like to help find out what's happening there and bring the watershed's best interest to the fore? We need a volunteer to call city personnel and agencies to research the situation.

Pussycat Theater History Event And Creek Celebration

Temescal Creek will be celebrated in this community event to be held Saturday, May 20, on the former site of the Pussycat Theater. Below this site runs the culverted creek, once a riparian corridor known to the Huchiun Ohlones, Vicente Peralta, and, beginning in the 1870s, to visitors to Humboldt Park. Help us work on an artistic re-creation of the creek for this event.

Dialogue about the homeless, an urban park reality

FoTC has a grant to interview the homeless park users, and investigate how to address their needs in park and greenway planning. An essential quality of a park is a sense of serenity, safety, and beauty. Society has created a class of people who live outdoors, for many reasons. How can we have nice open space accessible to all, and not wage a battle against the oppressed? Both creek parks at Redondo and Clarke and at Adeline Street are being improved, but the homeless are not part of the plan. If you are interested in volunteering for this project call us!

Special Sidewalk at San Pablo Avenue

Emeryville is beautifying San Pablo with new sidewalks and trees. In conjunction with the new Gateway Commons homesŐ creek-honoring native landscaping, the sidewalk paving will show the location of the underground creek with special artistic paving.

Community Mural for Temescal Creek Park, Adeline St. & 47th St.

Local Muralist, Ann Sherry, funded by Emeryville, is coordinating a 19 panel mural made by community groups. The theme is history and the creek. Everyone from 3-6 year olds to Seniors is involved. It's debut is scheduled for the April Earth Day event at the park.

Volunteers needed

We need volunteers to attend meetings, make notes, and speak up if appropriate. Quarterly, we need a mailing list update on Filemaker for Mac, website advice, and setting up a list server. Thank you! If you can, please donate. $2 will help cover mailings. Please share this newsletter with your friends, then, Clip and return this portion to update your mailing information Name:Address: e-mail and/or fax: Amount: $__________

Friends of Temescal Creek, has received assistance from the Alameda Countywide Clean Water Program, the Strong Foundation, Emeryville, and Oakland Public Works-Environmental Service Division, and the California Trails and Greenways Foundation.

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