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FoTC Newsletter
June 14, 1999

Meeting: Review of the Greenway plan to date.

Join us Thursday, June 24 at 7:30 at Robin Freeman's residence, 1170 Powell St., 2 blocks west of San Pablo. RSVP: 655-0341. You'll see the maps and presentation we are preparing for Emeryville.

We need your review so that this plan reflects our needs.

Just what have we been doing:

Spring has been busy with creating interview packets, interviewing, design meetings, creating 10 beautiful posters, and writing the report for Emeryville.

Greenway Plan for Emeryville

Volunteer friends needed: Tasks: Interviewing, event planning, reviewing and editing the final report, production and distribution of outreach materials.

This is a community group, and the hardest thing is coordinating with everyone to facilitate communication. Help us try to plan a way you can be involved within the busy parameters of your life!

Respecting and honoring the Ohlone Indian Shellmound site

Another rich asset of the watershed is the Ohlone Indian Shellmound at the South Bayfront proposed retail site. The site has been abused, and its inhabitants disappeared as a result of our modern culture. Now is the time to respectfully give the due time, planning foresight and community input to making the new development help the Ohlone descendants recover their lost past.

Special Sidewalk at San Pablo Avenue

Emeryville is beautifying San Pablo with new sidewalks and trees. In conjunction with the new Gateway Commons homes' creek-honoring landscaping, the sidewalk paving will show the location of the creek underground with special artistic paving.

Posters for Telegraph Avenue

Jeff Norman and Beth Craven are producing 10 posters about the creek and its history. Final drafts are being worked out, and printing is imminent.

Post office proposal on Shattuck where the creek crosses

The community is commenting on a proposed post office. Would you be interested in helping include art work or other creek honoring design details into the proposal?

Greenway Corridor between Telegraph Ave. and College Ave.

Creek neighbors, community organizations, and Council member Jane Brunner's office are hashing out a common ground to secure city and state funds and cooperation to flesh out a greenway through existing park and other public lands.

Dialogue about the homeless, an urban park reality

An essential quality of a park is a sense of serenety, safety and beauty. Society has created a class of people who live outdoors, for many reasons. How can we have nice open space accessible to all, and not wage a battle against the oppressed? Both creek parks at Redondo and Clarke and at Adeline Street are being improved, but the homeless are not part of the plan.

Marsh and vegetation restoration near Caldecott Tunnel

There is a small marshy branch of the creek establishing itself along upper broadway. It is adjacent to a Firestorm Garden. Volunteers to see it through and coordinate are needed.

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings!

There seem to be more and more meetings about important issues related to FoTC projects. We need knowledgeable volunteers to attend, make notes and speak up if appropriate. Current meetings are about the Shellmound, the park/greenway near the DMV, and the Emeryville greenway plan. We will gladly help you become knowledgeable!

Thank you!

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