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FoTC Newsletter
September 2000

FoTC Quarterly Meeting: Wednesday, October 25, 7pm, Temescal Library

Come to Temescal Library community room, door in back, Telegraph Ave. at Claremont Ave., Oakland

Mark your calendar for the following quarterly meetings:

Meetings are at 7 pm. Place to be announced. The Temescal Library needs your urging to continue public access to the community room. Please put in a word at the branch: 597-5049 or with OPL Community Relations: 238-3271.

Discussion about forming a steering committee

The meeting agenda will cover the items in this newsletter as well as beginning the discussion of our future as a membership organization with a steering committee and elected officers, etc. If you have any agenda items you would like included, either call Bruce Douglas at 655-0341 or bring them to the meeting.


Temescal Creek Greenway Plan

The Report For Emeryville Is Available

See and purchase a copy: $ 22 in color or $ 5 for black and white. Report outlines the basic features and contacts for turning Temescal Creek into a vibrant, urban, green corridor. Robin Freeman and Bruce Douglas have compiled the report from many interviews, meetings, and community input discussions. Emeryville city staff wishes to include the report in the final development plan for Emeryville's new Towne Center development. The report suggests it be used as a basis for creating a special greenway zone along the creek corridor to codify the community's desire for a beautiful creek amenity.

Creating a Report for Oakland & Berkeley

It is time to plan volume 2 of the Greenway Plan, for all the Oakland and Berkeley Reaches of the creek. We need input and volunteers.

Community Mural in Temescal Creek Park

Be sure to view the mural in the park at Adeline St. & 47th St. Produced by local muralist, Ann Sherry. The theme is history and the creek. Nineteen wonderful panels were painted by community groups under Ann's creative direction. The mural is tucked mid-block between 47th Street, 53rd Street, Adeline Street, and San Pablo Avenue.


Former Pussycat Theater Site Becomes TNT "Community Gateway Project"

The history of this site, which is atop Temescal Creek, was celebratedby 400 folks at the May 20 community film event. Join the Community Gateway Project which is working to realize the dreams for the site's redevelopment expressed at the event. Temescal Neighbors Together (TNT) is sponsoring 3 meetings:

See the final draft of the "Position Paper," hoped to guide the development of the site. Info: 547-4104.

Greenway Corridor between Telegraph & College Rockridge-Temescal Greenbelt Planning Moves Ahead

The fun and successful July 30 Bazaar raised $3,700 for Greenbelt amenities!
The community fundraising group, Friends of the Rockridge-Temescal Greenbelt, (FROGS), is pleased that more than 500 people came and checked out the park plans. Please consider a donation to the Greenbelt. Contact: Bruce Douglas at 655-0341. FROGS has also created a Restaurant Discount Card, available for $20 at Spasso's, 6021 College., the Red Tractor Café. 5634 College, or by mail. (send checks to FROG Discount Card, 5690 Ocean View Dr., Oakland, CA 94618). The card entitles the bearer to 10% off meals at 15 Temescal and Rockridge restaurants this fall. All funds benefit the Greenbelt. For more information, call 420-1310. Any new meeting dates will be announced in the Rockridge News, and on the website, www.rockridge.org. To be on the mailing list, please contact Janet Hansen at 510-238-4719.

Creek Markers for Telegraph Avenue

Jeff Norman and Beth Craven have produced 10 beautiful marker signs about the creek and its history. The design builds on the aesthetic of the successful Temescal Neighborhood History Project, and uses designs created by local youth. We are working out a prominent display location atop the buried creek at Telegraph Avenue. We need volunteers to deliver/pick up printing, and help install the display.

Public Art for New Temescal Post Office

A committee of neighbors is starting a process to find participants, fund, create, and install community inclusive art at the new post office near Genova's. Call 653-7190 for info, or email jnorman@california.com.

A Push to Daylight Creek at Claremont Hotel

Neighbors of the Claremont are concerned about expansion plans at the hotel. Gordon Parberry is heading up an appeal to management to restore the branch of Temescal Creek on the grounds to both improve and mitigate for their development. Gordon: 540-5054 or gkinc33@aol.com.

Impacts On The Creek In The Upper Watershed

Attend Oakland Councilmember Jane Brunner's meeting Thurs. Sept. 7, 7pm at Kaiser Elem. School, 25 South Hill Ct., off Old Tunnel Rd. Concerned residents of the Old Tunnel Road (Caldecott Tunnel) area of Temescal Creek's watershed have called about development on steep slopes close to the creek bed, and about clear cutting of Eucalyptus and road building also on very steep slopes.

What About The Homeless? An Urban Park Reality

FoTC and Merritt College will interview the homeless park users, and investigate how to address their needs in park and greenway planning. Many friends have expressed interest. Thank you. We will contact you soon, as we proceed. If you are interested in this project call us! Also part of a Merritt College course.

Watershed And Fire Convention Beginning

FoTC is collaborating with Merritt College and our local Resource Conservation District on creating a forum for awareness and discussion of vegetation management along the Urban-Wildlands interface in the hills. We want to help inform and facilitate inclusive watershed-based plans for safe neighborhoods, natural parks, rich habitats and clean bay water. Also part of a Merritt College course.

Merritt College Environmental Program Fall Semester Courses

(August 24 - Dec22) You can still register! Call (510) 436-2600, or visit websites: http://ecology@atmerritt.net and http://www.peralta.cc.ca.us

Water Chem some Thurs eves, some Suns.
The role of Fire in Natural Systems, some Thurs eves, some Sats of Suns.
From Tree to Sea, some Thurs eves, five Sats or Suns.
Principles of Ecology, Fri eve, some Sats, Suns.
Waterbirds of Central California and the Bay Area, some Thurs eves, some Sats, Suns.
Environmental Management & Restoration Technology
Ecological Design, Installation and Maintenance, some Tues eve, some Weds, Fri afternoons.
Intro to Sustainable Environmental Systems, Tues eves.
Urban Ecology, some Thurs eves, some Sats, Suns.
Intro/Advance GIS/GPS, Mon eve.
Restoration Landscaping, two Suns.
Environmentalism in Action, some Mon eves, some Suns.
Intro to Physical Geology, various week day Lect and Labs.

Volunteers needed:

We need volunteers to attend meetings, make notes, and speak up if appropriate. Quarterly, we need a computer database mailing list update and someone to set up an email listserv.
Email Bruce to volunteer today!
Thank you! If you can, please donate. $2 will help cover mailings. Please share this newsletter with your friends, then, Clip and return this portion to update your mailing information Name:Address: e-mail and/or fax: Amount: $__________

Friends of Temescal Creek, has received assistance from the Alameda Countywide Clean Water Program, the Strong Foundation, Emeryville, Oakland Public Works-Environmental Service Division, and the California Trails and Greenways Foundation.

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